Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 10th Monthsary baby! I love you so much!

Happy 10th Monthsary baby! Gosh, it’s been 10th month we've been together and I'm really glad that we make it through all of these 10th months together. I never thought that I could go this far when I'm with you because my previous girlfriend couldn't go further than 3 months... But you... You're totally different... I could like fly my way up touching the skies without having any wings. 10th months being together with you is one achievement that I'm so proud of. For all the fights and the tears that fall from your sparkling eyes... I'm terribly sorry for doing that baby. For all the hurtful words that strike you on your heart like a sharp knife stabbed you in the heart, I'm down on my knees asking for forgiveness from you and not trying to repeat the same mistake I did to you again. For all the misunderstanding which makes you thought that I'm cheating behind your back, please don't think of me that way. I'm not the type of person that cheats behind your back. I'm so lucky to have an amazing girl in my life and for that I wouldn't want to leave or even go for other girls. Though there's a lot of pretty girl out here in this world but a person like you with such a beautiful smile, awesome characteristic, and amazing heart to be love, I rather just stick with you and only you. For all the laughter and the beautiful smile that you craft on my face, words can't describe how much I thank you and appreciate for all the things you've done for me. For all the love that we've shared together, I'd never want it to fade away or even disappear just because we're far apart and barely could see each other. All I want is for us to make our love bonds stronger every each moment. Doesn't matter if its better or worst situation, I'll still love you as much as how I first said "I love you". This is my best and greatest relationship ever in my life. No doubt that I have no regrets of being part of your life and let you be part of my life for these whole 10th months. I'll promise you one thing baby. I'll promise you that I could make our relationship to go on more than 10th months until the last air we breath in this atmosphere but with your permission to let me do that, I need you to do the same thing I'm doing right now so that you and I could go more than we could imagine in our life. Every time I look at our pictures in my phone, It make me misses you so much that sometimes I could cry myself to sleep. Every night before I went to bed, I would hug my teddy bear and imagine that it was you who is actually sleeping with me throughout the night hugging me back. The shirt that you gave me with your nickname at the back of the shirt is one of my favorite shirts. Ever since I've receive the wristbands that you sent to me, I wore it and ever since the day I wore it, I never took it out. The smell that reminds me of you was your deodorant. I know that you want me to use it but I only use it once awhile because you gave me like really almost finish. I didn't want to waste it, so I just keep it and use it like 3 times ever since I receive it from you. Your picture when you were a kid and your little sweet short note, I kept it at a place where everyday I will look at it every time I went in my room. Thank you, sorry and I love you so much baby! Happy 10th Monthsary baby :) Muahxx! You're the best thing could ever happen in my life and I miss you so much!

By the way, these are the 32 things that I miss about you baby.

I miss holding your hands

I miss your warm hug

I miss your wet kisses

I miss talking you in person

I miss that you said you love me so much in person

I miss you wrapping around me with your arms

I miss you tickle me even though I’m not really ticklish

I miss you hitting my tummy

I miss you putting your face against my face

I miss you lay your head on my shoulder

I miss you lay your head on my chest while you listen to my heart beat

I miss seeing your sparkling eyes

I miss looking at your sweet smile

I miss holding your around your waist

I miss you pulling me to go to the place you want to go

I miss you showing your blurry and innocent face

I miss eating with you

I miss laughing with you in person

I miss drinking Starbucks with you

I miss looking at you dressing up so beautiful

I miss you starring at my eyes without saying anything

I miss you non-stop talking

I miss going to the cinema with you

I miss taking pictures with you

I miss the way you look so shy at times

I miss playing with your hair

I miss you messing up my hair

I miss you being on my side

I miss you saying that you miss me in person

I miss you said sweet things while kissing me

I miss your little fingers which I always hold

I miss you so much that you have no idea how much I miss you so much

These are almost all of the things I miss and all of the words from the top till bottom are more than 1000 words. I love you so much baby and I miss you so much! Muahxx! Hugs! Can’t wait to see you again when I come back to Miri. I’m so looking forward to celebrate my birthday with you baby

Happy 10th monthsary baby! Muahxx! I love you so much!


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