Sunday, December 14, 2014


Experiencing changes either good or bad ways, it is still changes occurs.
I'm having difficulties with my surrounding.
Pretty much do not like the changes happening around including towards myself.
Most of the time I prefer being quiet, alone and worst part would be getting myself depression.
I feel that I have so many friends but yet, I still feel alone. I have someone who really care for me out there but yet, I am just too blind to actually accepting the fact that someone is there who really cares. I have no idea why. I hate it so much. I sometimes just hate it when I'm being like this. Words just couldn't describe. I sometimes feel so angry that I just want to punch something just to release my anger. I start going to the gym just to release all the stress I'm having towards myself. It's not that I do not want people to care, I really I do. In fact, it makes me happy but somehow, I just feel angry at myself for things that is going on towards my surrounding. I just push myself to my most top limit in the gym so that I do not have the strength to even get angry towards myself. However, there is just something that gonna rise me up again and thus, return back to the anger I have inside me. Pretty crazy life I'm facing. Pretty much anger I have inside of me not because of people makes me angry but because of myself. I expected so much that I let myself down. I expected so high that my expectation did not met.

I get so depressed that I started create emotional song just so I could tell how much it hurts in my heart without saying it by words but sang it out. I get so depressed that I start searching back all the emotional quotes, sad words and what not. I end up not bothering of how others felt because I got myself hurt. Others got hurt because I get myself hurt. I know it's unfair to others because they didn't do anything but yet they feel the pain. I am really sorry for that. I wish that I have amnesia so that I could forget all those stupid things that had happen. It is just to hurtful to make others feel the pain and including myself. But I don't mind I get the pain as long as others doesn't feel the pain.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Love the quick answer

Jeremy is a potential vampire hunter

Damon is a vampire

This negro girl is a witch.

They are all friends.

Long story short,

Girl asked Jeremy to kill a vampire, Jeremy asked for hammer and a stick "Alright cool, give me a stick and a hammer, I'll kill Damon right now" Damon says "easy there van hellsing!"

That phrase was hillarious! 2 thumbs up!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Role Model from Spidey boy and Ms. Damsel In Distress

Beautiful lovers that may give a good role model and inspiration to all love birds in the world. I personally love their love life not just in the movies but also in their daily routine life. The picture describe more than what words could explain. How amazing their life is despite their commitment as actors yet they still have the time to spent time with each other. Look at their origin, from the US (Emma) and from the UK (Andrew) both individual have different background and yet share the same love. Despite all the acting life, yet Andrew never fails to show a little act of romantic towards Emma. Thus, this help sustained their love life.

#rolemodel #inspiration #spidey #damselindistress #TAS2

Monday, March 31, 2014

Memorable 40th


No worries, I can just make your life more easier by killing myself instead of you doing it. Easy Job. Jump from the roof, run to the middle of a busy road. Drive the car as quick as possible and then go and crash to anywhere.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Nuff Said~

First and foremost,

I hate those people who do not understand the meaning of "CATHOLIC" If you're a muslim, means that you're not a CATHOLIC. I'm not saying that I'm racist. But come on la. Common sense. You're a muslim, you don't join the catholic facebook page. Understand that dumbass! Catholic is Christian. Not muslim. You join for what? I see you requested to join, I'll delete you from joining the group. For what I add you in. Want to become a spy? Please la. We're not hiding anything from your kind. Please understand our language and for goodness sake, don't be dumb! You're embarrassing your own race.


This is what I have to say. Don't understand, read up the theory. Don't understand, don't expect me to explain shit. When I explain shit and you don't understand, you get mad and then say things. I'm trying my best to explain to you and make you understand. Still don't understand, look up the videos. There's THOUSANDS OF VIDEOS POSTED EVERY SINGLE DAY. Want to learn, learn from there. I've explain enough and you don't understand, I don't know how to explain anymore.

As for now, things so complicated for you, might as well don't need to do it at all. I'm done explaining and yet you don't have your own effort to read by yourself. Don't tell me that you want all the information from me. I'm not giving any shit. The next time, I'm not planning on doing. If you're thinking of doing it, you prepare yourself and you asked for it. I'm not asking for it. Every time I asked for it, you would somehow push away. Somehow no point trying to do it. This time I'm not doing it. I'd probably just go shutdown. I've tried my best already.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gorgeous and Dangerous

Gorgeous yet dangerous. Use the beauty to get what they want and then disappear. Your beauty are not suppose to treat me like this. I'm suppose to be treated fair and square like others but not when you want to reply me as you like. Let see what I can do. I just thought of it. What I'll do is that I won't be sending you a text (I would lie this to myself as always) and I won't be replying your message and see how does it feel. But I doubt you'd feel sad and whatsoever not. Because you just don't bother anyways. You know what...


I'll just pretend that I'm fine. The fact that you actually hurt me. Sorry, no names available. So-called close friends. I'm out!


Where were they when I needed my friends?

Sometimes I felt like I've been to kind to my friends that I got ditch after their problems are solved. When I needed them to be around, not a single person would come back to me. In fact, they ignore my text messages. I'm not an attention seeker, trust me. But when I needed friends to be around, no one seems to bother. I know some of them do read my text messages but never bother to replied. I mean, it's not hard to reply saying that you're busy or something? Short message would do. I understand, we all have our own things to do in life. I know that. The next time, you all would say that I didn't look for them. The fact that I did, just that you all prefer to ignore my text messages. I don't mind keeping this in my heart. But when I am not in the mood, I'll definitely burst all out from my heart. I know it's not good to keep it in my heart but this is how I am. I prefer to keep it in my heart. I don't want to let people see that I'm in deep shit and always complaining. I like to make others smile. I don't mind if I don't smile. As long as my friends are smiling and happy, I'm fine with it. In fact, I'd be glad. But sometimes, it feels good if other people do this to me. Instead of me keeping them smiling, why not they are one of the reason that I smiled. I'd appreciate it a lot. But no one has the character that I have. It sucks to feel this way. Anyways, that's it for now.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

3 years. Can it go further than that?

After 3 years of being together, I never have the thinking of leaving. Not even once. But you just said it tonight, "I'm gonna leave... although it hurts" Leave what? Leave me? I don't care if my tone are still raising higher than the mountain. I'm asking you. "leave me?" As long as you are not answering me, i'm not gonna stop questioning you! You have the mind of leaving me. You'd be lying if you say that you're not saying "leave you" because if not, you wouldn't even say "although it hurts" FUCK YOU! I never have that thinking and you dare to think like that! How could you!? It hurts worst than all the arguments we had and we are having now. You have that kind of thinking and I never did! Bullshit that you gonna stay in my life when you have that kind of thinking!

Great thinking there. I never would have come across with that words for the 2nd time again. I never have the thinking of leaving you at all... Not even once and you have that thinking. Great! I'd rather be alone right now. I'd rather not talk to you right now because that words stings worst than a bee.